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We are creative problem-solvers that know when to push boundaries. We don’t just check the box, we think beyond today and look around corners to anticipate what’s next, leading with care and candor. We are passionate because passion creates excellence where mediocrity will not do.  Our goal is to simplify your HR services – so that you free up energy to do what you love and grow your business.

about us-hr outsourcing by GritHR
about us-hr outsourcing by GritHR

Why ‘GRIT’, you ask?

Those with GRIT have courage and resolve. They don’t wait around for people to ask them what to do – they proactively go out and suggest improvements no one else thinks of. They have the guts to say what nobody else will and push through roadblocks with persistence and perseverance. People with GRIT are self-aware and mindful, they’re agile and easily pivot to get the job done, and consistently raise their personal standards to drive results. They hold themselves and others accountable, and operate with COURAGE always.

Ready to inject some GRIT into your business?

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Let's Soar

Why a paper airplane, you ask?

Think back to the first paper airplane you made as a kid. Did it fly? Probably not. And if it did, it probably didn’t go very far. You had to pause and analyze, make some adjustments, and keep at it. Paper airplanes represent everything that is grit – for us, the airplane is the ultimate symbol of imagination, desire, magic, communication, prototyping, innovation, simplicity, belief, optimism and design.


Are you ready to soar together?


About Us


We want to protect your business, help you attract and retain clients, and make an impact on your employees, your business, and your bottom line.  Our goal is to implement sound people operations practices so that everyone on your staff can fully trust in the HR process and feel supported in what they do.

Whether you want to hand us the reins completely, integrate us as a partner into your Senior Leadership team, or hire us for support and consulting as needed – we are here to help.


about us-hr outsourcing by GritHR

HR Solutions Reimagined

GritHR Solutions Story-hr outsourcing by GritHR
GritHR Solutions Story-hr outsourcing by GritHR

The GritHR Solutions Story

After spending years working for one of the country’s largest payroll and HR outsourcing companies, the GritHR Solutions founder saw an opportunity or rather a need to do things differently than the “big guys”; but not only do it different but rather disrupt the market. While we believe that “there is room in the sandbox for everyone to play in,” we don’t believe in just offering best practices and generic advice to clients. We want to roll up our sleeves and dive in right in with our clients! That is the foundation of GritHR. GritHR Solutions is a true turnkey HR solution that lets you pass the HR hat to our team, so you can get back to what you do best – growing your business.

We know first-hand how chaotic it can be when you’re “in the thick of it.” Our job is to strip back the emotion, look past the water cooler conversations, and holistically look at the facts (i.e. policy, values, behaviors, past precedent, employment law, external factors, employee mental health, structural shifts) so that we can suggest innovative solutions that close the gap from where you ARE and where you WANT TO BE.

GritHR exists to be your sounding board. Your “work wife.” And your trusted advisor.

We are HR focused on your success

GritHR Solutions relieves the complexity of running a business - our difference comes down to people.

We make it simple to manage your employees; and we compassionately understand that HR is complex, evolving, and sometimes overwhelming.

We also know that not having your business’ HR function properly managed can be costly. That’s why GritHR Solutions was founded. We’ve pretty much seen it all when it comes to personnel issues. With a wide range of services and experts, we are equipped to be your single source for world-class recruiting and full-service human resources.

We help clients tackle their HR challenges, protect their business and employees, and guide you through even your most complex HR challenges; making workplace relationships better. We address and minimize employee issues – while helping you deepen and enrich workplace relationships.


hr outsourcing by GritHR
Our Partners

We work with a wide range of providers and solutions, but aren’t here to disrupt what’s working for you. We can recommend platforms and solutions - but are also more than happy to work within the systems and processes your team already knows and loves.

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