Our Approach

There are thousands of independent HR consultants and firms out there, and we know it’s a big decision when it comes to deciding who to put your trust in.

Unlike most other agencies, we are NOT afraid to suggest changes or challenge your perspective. We listen deeply and figure out what you are REALLY trying to solve for. And day by day, we help your business soar.

Our Approach-HR Consultants by GritHR Solutions

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About Us-HR Consultants by GritHR Solutions
Our Approach-HR Consultant by GritHR Solutions


We work hard, are insanely organized, and are tapped into all the resources you’d ever need. When you work with us, you’ll have access to industry experts and trusted professionals with over 20 years of experience across diverse fields, along with user-friendly tools and comprehensive resources.

At GritHR, we know exactly who we are and what we do best! We will never promise more than we can deliver.

We’re responsive and provide timely responses, usually within a few hours. If you have an involved request, we keep you updated on progress and actions every single step of the way.

We manage human capital, not SaaS! We want to do exactly what works for you, without disrupting your flow. This means we don’t force you to adopt any particular technology – we work with what you love or help you evaluate, implement, and get started if you don’t already have systems in place.

We also believe that success takes two. And we prefer to work with companies who “get” that and aren’t afraid to let us do our thing! Ideally, if we were to work together, you’d be:

Our Core Values

Our values by GritHR Solutions

We are creative problem-solvers that know when to push boundaries.

Our values by GritHR Solutions

We hold ourselves and others accountable, operating with courage.

Our values by GritHR Solutions

We don’t just check the box; we think beyond today – looking around corners to anticipate what’s next.

Our values by GritHR Solutions

We are passionate. Because passion creates excellence when mediocrity will do.

Our values by GritHR Solutions

We persevere and remain resilient when confronted with roadblocks.

Our values by GritHR Solutions

We cultivate self-awareness and practice mindfulness.

Our values by GritHR Solutions

We’re agile and pivot to get the job done.

Our values by GritHR Solutions

We have high standards and drive results.

Our values by GritHR Solutions

We know our purpose and lead with care and candor.

Our Partners

We work with a wide range of providers and solutions, but aren’t here to disrupt what’s working for you. We can recommend platforms and solutions - but are also more than happy to work within the systems and processes your team already knows and loves.

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